The Breakfast Club 2022

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This year's clay shades to choose from will be Sand, Dark and White. If you'd like to chose a different colour or just order a single item or set of items , please refer to my Pre-Order section.

For colour reference, scroll down to the pictures.

Sand: Light smooth stoneware clay finished with a clear gloss glaze. Black iron flecks might be seen in the surface, sometimes a flash of warm colour will show too. Very pleasing to eat from as the glaze finish is very smooth.

Dark: Textured dark stoneware finished with a clear gloss glaze. The glaze blends with the clay giving it a patina finish where dark green and bronze hues can be appreciated. The finish on this glaze is a bit more irregular in texture than the above options, please note the texture on the clay can be slightly felt through the glaze.

White: Smooth light colour clay finished with a bright gloss white glaze. Cup and tumbler will be glazed half way on the outside.

*Please note some pieces will be only glazed on the inside, the outside surface will be left unglazed as this highlights the qualities of the clays I work with. However I'm happy to glaze the top outside half of your cups and tumblers in case you dislike the rougher feel against the lips that the bare clay gives, please add a note when purchasing.


In a nutshell this is how it works: each month you'll receive 4 hand-thrown pieces at your doorstep paying a monthly fee of £110 x 4 months. By the end of these 4 months you will have a 16 piece table set paid through 4 friendly payments at a well discounted price.

This scheme allows me to know the exact number of pieces I'll be working on each month, making a much more clean and efficient production at the studio enabling me to lower the final price.

The entire table set consists of 16 pieces:

4 tumblers arriving end of June.
4 bowls arriving end of July.
4 cups arriving end of August.
4 side plates arriving end of September.

You pay £110 each month during a 4 months period.
First box will arrive end of June You'll get an invoice from me each time I ship a new box to complete your next payment.

Approx dimensions:

Cup Ø 9 x 7.5 cm
Bowl Ø 11.5 x 5 cm
Tumbler Ø 8 x 9 cm
Plate Ø 21 x 1.5 cm

- The Breakfast Club Membership works on a friendly scheme of 4 monthly payments of £110 (£440 total).
- Free UK shipping.
- Dishwasher safe.
- Only available for UK shipping but get in touch if you’d like to look into the shipping options outside the UK. I’d be happy to arrange something for you.


Image of The Breakfast Club 2022 Image of The Breakfast Club 2022 Image of The Breakfast Club 2022 Image of The Breakfast Club 2022