Breakfast Club Membership 3rd Edition

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-Please add your choice of Flecked or Sand clay at the 'Notes' section when checking out.

- The Breakfast Club Membership works on a friendly scheme of 4 monthly payments of £96 (£384 total).
- Free UK shipping.

- For European countries: Please get in touch before placing any order for detailed shipping costs outside the UK.

I'm really pleased to announce The Breakfast Club Membership is back and better than ever. For this 3rd edition, I decided to keep on working with the talented designer and potter friend Grace McCarthy because she's fabulous and her flat plates are just perfect. Now you have the option to choose between sand or flecked clay, both finished with gloss white glaze, keeping a very subtle, neutral and graphical aesthetic on the set.

In a nutshell this is how it works: 4 hand-thrown pieces at your doorstep x 4 months = 16 piece table set in 4 friendly payments.

The Breakfast Club Membership was thought as a friendly scheme to help you get your own hand-thrown breakfast set at a really good price. This scheme allows me to know the exact number of pieces I'll be working on each month, making a much more clean and efficient production at the studio enabling me to lower the final price.

I consider it’s important to take the time to enjoy small details from everyday life, breakfast is one of those moments that people tend to skip or rush. I hope this set encourages you to take it slow and share conversations and moments with the ones you love.

The entire table set consists of 16 pieces: 4 tumblers, 4 cups, 4 bowls and 4 flat plates. You pay £96 each month during a 4 months period. I will set up a recurring payment request with PayPal for each member.

First boxes will be shipped around the 16th of every month starting on April 2017.

Only 5 memberships are available.

Take part in the revival of traditional crafts in this system of mass consumption and mass disposal. Support people in your community making stuff. Say no to machines or exploited workers from abroad and be part of 'The Breakfast Club'.


Photo: Kimberley Chan


Image of Breakfast Club Membership 3rd Edition Image of Breakfast Club Membership 3rd Edition Image of Breakfast Club Membership 3rd Edition Image of Breakfast Club Membership 3rd Edition